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Talk Show Appearance

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Stay tuned for news on my upcoming major talk show appearance to talk about my novel, “No Time For Love.”

Amazon Book Review of “No Time For Love”

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5.0 out of 5 stars JB Miller’s No Time For Love, March 7, 2013
This review is from: No Time For Love (Paperback)

No Time For Love

JB Miller’s No Time For Love REVIEW

Meet Chatham Ross, attractive, fun-loving, mid-thirties mother of three: daughter Madison, 12,youngest boy Camp, age 6, and “P.J.” (short for Peter Junior),11, named after his father Peter, who died tragically in an auto accident. Gone now for five years.

Chatham is mother, father and family breadwinner, with a lot on her plate.

Children to raise, carpooling, school activities, house cleaning, shopping, endless errands and burdensome obligations that take a lot of time.

And the Big One: the challenge to make ends meet.

Chatham does that as well as anyone, working out of her house creating successful advertising campaigns for a number of clients. Non-stop effort, seven days a week.

Her load is heavy, and she misses her husband, and how sweet their life was together.

Could she ever be romantically involved again?

Nice as the thought may be, there is no time for love right now.

Author Miller however, begs to differ, and sets out to change Chatham’s life.

The story, and your fun begins when Chatham, low on self-esteem one day, walks into a 24-hour fitness club, thinking she has to ‘get in shape.’

She’s greeted by an attendant, handsome, and Italian she observes. She’s attracted to him, and he to her. His name is Palio, who we discover is much more than an attendant at a fitness club. They part, and yes indeed, will meet again.

From that first encounter forward, Chatham is involved in a large assortment of puzzling, crazy, coincidental meetings with the story’s main players.

You get to know Palio and what he’s up to, Chatham’s father, who builds little wooden boats and why that’s important, New York mobsters up close and personal and what they want to get, Mario and Gino, who have their own agenda, Trip, best friend of Peter, Chatham’s deceased husband, and what he wants to do, a crazy cab driver and the part he plays, and the lady working all the angles to get what she wants, including Palio, the evil Georgina.

Lots going on, chapter after chapter.

All kinds of intrigue, mystery, betrayal, suspense, humor, and for sure romance, all affecting our main nice person, Chatham Ross.

Have to believe you will really like this fun, fast-paced, emotionally rewarding story — with the nifty resolution.

Enjoy JB Miller’s No Time For Love, and no-fair reading the ending ’til you get there!


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Chatham Ross is a widowed single mother of three kids who works as an independent advertising consultant. With her kid’s activity schedules and her demanding work, she barely has time to sleep or work out let alone have time for love. Five years ago her husband Peter died unexpectedly while on a business trip, leaving Chatham to pick up the pieces of her family’s life. Chatham has managed to take care of her family to the best of her ability, but hasn’t really had the time to take care of herself. A spur of the moment action leads her to stop by the local gym and sign-up for fitness classes. She meets Palio, the hunky gym owner, who comes from a rich New York family. There is mutual attraction between Chatham and Palio, but there is another problem … her close friend Trip, who has become a part of the family since Peter died, is secretly in love with her, he has been waiting for the right time to tell her how he feels, but she had no clue that he felt that way towards her. With two men attracted to her, which one will steal her heart? Will Chatham find time for love?

No Time For Love is a heartwarming romantic story about family, friendships and getting a second chance at finding love. In her debut novel, author J.B. Miller weaves a tender and inspirational story of one woman’s journey to reconcile her past and put it behind her, live in the present, and look forward to a future with a new love. This wonderful story has an easy writing style that flows so smoothly, it embraces the reader and draws you into Chatham’s life as if you were a part of her family.

This fun story has a mixture of romance, comedy and even a little bit of mystery thrown into the mix. The author transports the reader between the East Coast and West Coast as Chatham tries to choose between Palio and Trip. The story has some really nice lighthearted romance scenes, a lot of humorous scenes that provide laugh out loud moments, and enough intriguing twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages. I do have to admit that I found the story to be a tad bit long as it has over four hundred plus pages, but the author does such a wonderful job of maintaining the reader’s interest that it does have a fast-paced feel that makes up for the length of the book. With a quirky cast of characters that are fun to get to know; engaging dialogue and interactions; and a bit of suspense and mystery to peak your interest; No Time For Love is a poignant true-to-life story of one woman’s ability to juggle family, work and love.



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Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 10.32.09 AM

Wow, this book was amazing. It was like no Chick Lit book I’ve ever read before. It had great characters. Especially Chatham, I could totally relate to her, because I know what it’s like to have No Time. Most of the characters in this book were likable, but there are some that you are not meant to like, and you don’t like them. This book shows what a small world it really is. There was even intrigue and suspence, which I love.  I highly recommend this book. Even though it is a fairly long book, it is so well written that it is a fast read.  I give this book more than five stars.  Amazing. – Melina Mason, Book Reviewer



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